Congratulations to Mani, Essmart’s Sales Topper for this Quarter!

Congrats to our employee of the quarter, Manikandan! Of all our sales executives across Tamil Nadu, Mani brought in the most revenue. We sat down with Mani to ask him some questions and to learn the keys to his great success.

1) Please tell us about your family!

“We have 4 members in my family. My mother and father are farmers, and we have 5 acres and 4 cows. My two elder sisters are married. I was married two years back. And now recently I have a baby too.”

2) What is your favorite hobby or pastime?

“Probably you know that I spend most of my time with the baby!”

3) What are 3 tips you can give other sales executives for how to best educate shop owners about Essmart products?

“First clearly explain to dealer where we come from and what we do, and make a judgment about what products they require. When I am introducing myself I figure out what they need and after that I tell them about our products. I give credit only to the best dealers!”

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 4) What is your best advice for how to close orders?

“Honestly visit at least once a week. And if you’re unable to visit just give them a call and ask what they need.”

5) If you had to tell your #1 sales secret what would it be?

“I make a good relationship and become friends with my dealers.

6) What is your favorite part about working with Essmart?

“I feel comfortable working with the people here!”

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