An assisted B2B e-commerce platform that connects curated socially impactful, livelihood products to local family-owned retail shops in rural India


We are at the forefront of the digital transformation that uplifts rural India’s revenue earning potential, enabling the transition from livelihood to life-enhancing products.

Our frontend technology scales our physical shop network through process efficiency and individual customer growth.


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Our model has three components that enable shops to purchase our unique portfolio of livelihood products and sell these to their end customers.

Access to livelihoods products

We provide local retail shops and their customers with access a catalogue of 400+ livelihood products, such as agricultural tools, clean cookstoves, solar lighting.

Supporting services to help shops sell products

We provide sales support help shops sell livelihood products and guarantee their quality through product training, marketing, access to credit, and warranty facilitation.

Increase customer access to shops

We help link end customers directly to livelihood products via our shops through product demos and user groups, such as the Essmart Smart Farmer Network.


Shops in our network

Products sold

People impacted

Changing the last-mile ecosystem.

Essmart’s network increases economic opportunities for rural shops and end users, especially farmers, building resilient village economies.

Bringing new products to market

We enable rural retail shops to sell the next wave of unique, durable livelihood products, creating new markets for suppliers and for shop owners.

Resilient and trusted shop network

We provide the trust and after-sales support needed to create a resilient rural shop network that can actively expand their offerings.

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