A barber shop in Pusaripatti services customers at night

Subramanian, one of our shop owners in the village of Pusaripatti, took us to meet one of his first customers. This customer owns a small barber shop in Pusaripatti, and he bought an Essmart-distributed solar lantern for his shop. He turned on the lantern, excited to show us how it illuminates his shop at night. Shortly after he did so, a man walking by noticed the lit shop and stopped to get his hair cut. The barber shop owner demonstrates how Essmart-distributed essential technologies can immediately improve small businesses by enabling commerce at night.

A shop owner switches to an Essmart water filter because of Essmart's after sales service

Sundar, one of our earliest customers in the village of Negamam, is a fan of one of our water filters. In fact, he used to sell a brand that Essmart doesn’t carry, but he switched to selling Essmart’s water filter because he appreciates Essmart’s after-sales service. If he has any problems with a water filter or needs a replacement filter, he can call his Essmart sales executive to remedy the problem as soon as physically possible. Sundar uses the water filter in his home, where his family can enjoy clean, healthy water for years on end. Here, Mrs. Sundar poses with her family’s filter.

A small restaurant owner uses an Essmart-distributed fuel-efficient cooking stove to save money on gas

Soon after Essmart started selling smoke-reducing, fuel-efficient biomass cooking stoves in the village of Negamam near Pollachi, a small restaurant owner purchased a stove for his shop. His restaurant is located next to one of our top-selling stores and friends of Essmart, and he saw the stove during a demonstration. Now, he uses the stove to boil water for tea and also to cook curries. He likes the stove because the fuel is much less expensive than gas, and it’s particularly helpful when there are fewer customers to serve, like in the slower morning hours before the lunch rush, when it wouldn’t be economical for him to use gas. Here is a picture of his well-utilized stove.

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